Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stained Glass Evening Courses At Glassartists@Glasgow Detail

Stained Glass Evening Courses
At Glassartists@Glasgow Detail

Glassartists are pleased to announce the commencement of Stained Glass evening classes.

We have a continious join any time 10 week course for beginners.

The course structure will cover :-

Approaching the design of Stained Glass. Scaling to full size working drawings and templates.
Glass Cutting techniques. Leadworking techniques. Soldering. Cementing, blacking and Polishing.

All students will be provided with comprehensive course notes covering all aspects of the course, including basic colour theory, notes on tools, materials and glasses, glassworking techniques, Health and Safety notes, and a summarised history of Stained Glass.

The course will be both intensive and fun!

Applicants will have a choice of evening, Tuesday or Thursday.

Courses will run all year round

Course fees £220.00.

Places on the course will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

Don`t miss out!

For further details and Enrollment contact;

Glassartists@Glasgow Detail
The White Galleon Complex.
58-60 Osborne Street,

0141 552 0555


Friday, January 13, 2006

The Humming bird`s progress

Renee laying out templates on some of the coloured glass she has picked for her window.
Well, so that she learns to use the glass in the most economic way possible. Glass is not cheap, although its all inclusive on our courses. Anyone thinking about continuing to make leaded glass after they have finished a course, had better make sure that their tuitor can teach them to think into a sheet or a set of shapes, because if these basics are not learned from the start then its going to cost you a lot of money in wasted glass. But don`t worry there`s always a trusty tuitor out there willing to shovel glass down your throat. Rant over!


Glass layout is now starting to happen progressively,and with what looks like a good choice
of colour and textures we`re all looking forward to seeing Renee`s Humming bird finished

Cuttin` out the tomatoes

Glass starting to appear on Sheila`s building drawing, those funny shapes are tomatoes, wait and see!


Concentration high, Sheila prepares to cut another tomato, the various tools that we use for glass cutting and template marking are around her on the bench. Simple tools, a glass cutter, grozing pliers, marker pens and a straight edge ruler, some oil to lubricate the glass cutter, and thats about all the tools that you really need to cut glass for a leaded panel

Zen Curves

All glass cut John places the first piece of glass on to his building drawing. There are no battens to hold this design in place. Because it is an oval panel the lead is gently shaped to follow the curve, no battens are used, the lead being held in place by horseshoe nails positioned around the building drawing to offer support for the outside lead


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Freida, tulips and daffodils

Not being very botanically orientated, I don`t know if daffodils and tulips flower at the same time, but I don`t really care , Gillian`s panel is a delightful little bit of composition. It`s even more delightful now that the layout drawing is starting to be covered with glass.


Across the workbench Ruth is starting to knit together Frida Khalo. At long last all her glass is cut and shes getting down to the nitty gritty stage of leadin` Freida.


The Coffin lid creaks open

And up sits Bill, "Ah figured that yeese aw thought a wis dead, cause I never moved much out of that corner. Anyway av been trapped in this coffin aw week, but av no wasted ma time, look how much ah ma windae av cut, a fund a connel doon at the bottom o` the coffin, thats a bloody big coffin. By the way any new birds started the class yet." Just in time we managed to throw a bucket of cold water over him.


He dissapeared off murmuring, "a thought this wis gonnie be difficult, Anapurna wis harder than this!"

All of a Sudden

Michael is building his panel, finally.


And what does that involve. Well first there is the glass shuffle. Glass that has been cut and laid out on the layout drawing now gets moved progressively on to the building drawing. Lead gets cut and fitted as the glass gets adjusted where neccessary, and slowley but surely the panel starts to take shape!


This is what Michaels panel looks like at the early building stage
I know! I know!, you`ll just have to be patient along with me. I mean sometimes they all just wander off, and you find them in a corner of the workshop, cooing and ahhing over the tiniest scrap of linney gold pink glass or even a bit of Desag streaky hand rolled cathedral glass. Don`t stop making that stuff Desag people like it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thwack! Thwack!

"Ouch!", another stinging blow hit its target. The snap of glassmistress Yvonne`s 18 foot bull whip rang through the main studio along with glassmaster Joe`s yelp. "Am sorry, ittle no happen again"
Glassmistress Yvonne screamed, "Just make sure it dosen`t, now get up those stairs and get the stained glass classes web site up to date!"
Glassmaster joe scurried off.

In the cold light of the main workshop, Glassmistress Yvonne looked resplendent in her black latex catsuit................. whoops this is a sort of family web site, better just get the rest of the words and text on here as quick as possible, or I`ll be in trouble again

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Will you still love me?, Will you still need me?, when I`m sixty four!


You could be forgiven for thinking, "At last a photo of the undisguised Michael twins!"
But you would be mistaken! This image is of only just one of them, Michael the Engineer. When you put two photos of him side by side the resemblance is uncanny!
Michael is wearing a rather fetching one piece outfit with contrasting dark safety boots. His outfit was created for him by top international designers to colour co-ordinate with our studio floor cover.


All glass has been selected, all glass is cut, and next week Michael starts leading up his panel!

Where have all the flowers gone

Robette exhausted from another forray in the south manages to forge ahead with her Freida Kahlo window. I know! I know! It dosn`t look like a lot of forging, but just wait and see.


This is where all the flowers are going, into Gillian`s rather delightful window, which she will have finished for Christmas!


Don`t you come home! Speedy Gonzalez

At 26 miles per hour, Michael"the veggie" is the studio Roadrunner


At first sight this panel looks very easy to build. But looks are decieving, its difficult enough for a lot of studios to get all of the lead lines to line up correctly without the whole window looking out of kilter. Don`t just believe me have a look at some of the glass that has been installed in recent years and be shocked. "Where is this bad practice being taught?", I hear you ask. Well not here!

Bill defying the Laws of Physics

Knowledge and wisdom come, with age, so they say!
And I believe it. How else do you explain the fact that Bill has apparently not moved from this spot for the past several weeks. Why does his overall have the same creases in the same places week after week? I think I have even caught him standing there, out of the corner of my eye, during the day!


In his own reality, and Einstein`s, Bill is steadily ploughing his way through the cutting of his fairly complex blue poppy panel, can`t wait to see it being leaded!

Tempus Fugit

Yet again Tess made the precarious journey to the studio unscathed!


"I need some light", she proclaimed, "That Bloody North Sea`s a dangerous place, I nearly hit the Stena Sealink on the way over tonight. You lot pay bloody taxes, you should complain and get it lit up before theres a disaster. Mark my words!"


This is Tess`s panel up on the easel glass to get an idea of how the glass will work prior to leading.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A sinister twist of events, its Tuesday again

I think that Bill turned up early tonight! I spotted this cleverly disguised Boeing Avenger Air Defence System parked near the studio. what is going on?


Supplication is required

Stephen adopting the correct submissive pose when confronted by Glass Master Joe


Glass Master Joe acknowledges Stephens correctness and permits him to proceed to the next level. Cutting templates.


Meanwhile over in the pretty corner

Its that little bundle of fun! With her little bundle of fun


Renee busily cutting a small forest for her Humming bird to eventually reside in


And not a Machette in sight!

The Axe Man Came

So what does your average semi-retired fire raiser want to do at a stained glass course? Burn it down?


Ian dreaming about flames again!


This is the sort of design one would expect from a fire raiser. A pheonix rising out of the flames and ashes!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Axe Man Cometh! Just another Thursday!

First past the post tonight its Zen Master John Campbell, I suppose I could have kept him out in the cold until 7.00 PM. But I`m known for my kind heart!!!
Who will be next, is enthusiasm running high tonight. As I write the door bell goes again and its Stephen!

Is that a Selenium red your holding, or are you just pleased to see me


Mission accomplished, "I`ve got your sheep, everyone of them"

Tess apparently made it here tonight unscathed. What happened at Bells bridge, both Gilian and Tess worked quite happily together all evening, with Bill working merrily across from them. And the pony tail thing?, a sign of new alliances?
Are Michael (the engineer) and Glass Master Joe the only people out of the loop?

Cuttin` up Freida

Ruths design finalised, templates ready, glass being cut, building and leading starts next week.


The ghostly figure of Glass Master Joe looks on as Ruth "Robette" relives a moment from her recent foray down in Sailsbury


Meanwhile, over in the blue corner

Bill, resplendant as usual, has been busy hacking out pale blue poppies for his delicate poppy window


Ruth "Robette" breaking off a piece of grey glass for her Frieda Kahlo window.


In the background Bill shares a rather crude joke with Glass Master Joe, who listens on a bit to enthusiastically!


Glass Mistress Yvonne in a dinky little pony tail, suggesting some antique flesh tones to Tess in another dinky little pony tail.


Michael (the Veggie) in YET another dinky little pony tail builds his panel, whilst Michael (the Engineer) and Glass Master Joe wonder what in hell is going on with all of these pony tails.


Well, what they were really discussing was colour and texture for Michaels tree panel, which is starting to progress nicely!

Its Tuesday Night and its Building Night

All design work is now done, templates have been cut, glass is being chosen and panels are being built, all in the space of 7 short weeks!!!!!!


Gillian with a piece of amber glass that is destined to be part of a daffodil petal.


Hey presto! Daffodil petals


Everybody is busy concentrating on the task ahead, Tess is cutting, Michael is building and Gillian is pondering before she cuts!


Michael with all glass cut is progressing really well leading his panel!